Posted by: Jim Koorampoikayil

Manufacturing plant location : Does it influence the buying decision?

Well, we have a simple answer to this complex question here. We have interviewed many of our customers and majority of them doesn't seem to care about where their motorcycles are manufactured or assembled, how and by whom as long as it’s made and delivered well. It also depends on how our customers keep coming back to us for more,something which is the ultimate parameter to measure of quality that we provide to our customers. Our regular customers have owned bikes from the US, India, Japan, China and other South east Asian countries and just about from everywhere else and what we learn from all these years of experience is that, there are no substitutes for test rides, research and a lots of home work. 

Many of our customers get into some serious discussion of the kind of perspective that we also feel is important. It’s easy for us to make an approach to these conversations with only our home countries in mind. What we call “made overseas” here is “made in our home country” somewhere else. Riders in India, for instance, seem to be very proud of their Royal Enfields and that again reminds me of how few American riders feel about their Harleys, and Brits their Triumphs, and so on.

Coming back to our customer's point, country of origin isn’t going to be a determining factor in the purchase of a motorcycle by anyone for that matter. Personally, it's not the first thing I look for, the third, or may be the last. For me, country of origin is just something to know about my motorcycle, like its VIN or what kind of oil it takes. All the deciding was based on things that are more important to me. In India for instance, the first question they have to ask is about the mileage, which of course, may vary.

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