How to Choose a Motorcycle: The Ultimate guide

How to Choose a Motorcycle: The Ultimate guide

Posted by Jim Koorampoikayil

In today’s contemporary conurbations, most of that were built with the idea of getting around by car, the most time-consuming, expensive, and inefficient way to get around is now by car. That’s why many people are rediscovering the motorcycle, one of the world’s most efficient forms of motorized transportation. While motorcycles used to be the domain of committed riders and fanatics, progresses in technology and increases in the traffic are creating them much more of a striking choice for more and more people. And when the commuting is done and the weekend arrives, you can’t have much more fun than heading out on an open road adventure or to that inner-city fun spot on your two-wheeled vanity. But you need a scrambler that fits how you need or want to ride, and you need the right gear and preparation to stay safe
When it comes to motorcycles, there are abundance of models available on the market to pick from. This can leave you sense a bit flabbergasted by your variety of preferences and alternatives, particularly if you are a first-time motorcycle shopper.
If you ask people whom you know how they decided upon purchasing their first bike, they might tell you that it was an instinct resolution. You may also hear that they were influenced by widespread brand names or what their friends were riding. While there is nothing wrong with buying on a notion, there is another option. You can invest more time into explore to ensure that you procure a motorcycle that best suits you
The instructions listed below are mostly sequential for you to make an informed and cognizant decision.
  • Define the preference: Your riding panache.
There is no better joy and pleasure than voyaging on the open road with your new bike. When you are determining on which motorcycle is precise for you, you need to reflect on how you plan to use it. What kind of rider are you? Maybe, you are an adventurer, planning to make cross-country road trips very often.
  • List of “Requirements”
When probing for your first motorcycle, you essentially should find the one that meets your criterions with-respect-to engine size, weight, and seat height. Most of these features will be based upon personal preference and riding style. One may go to the dealership to test-drive numerous diverse bikes to discover one that is comfortable and easy for you to manage and ride.
  • Narrowing down the choices by “Category”
Motorcycles can be divided into categories, centered on their precise features. We have identified some of the main categories with wide-ranging information, on each. Please go through my elaborated blog post to know the categories and types of motorcycles in detail.
- Standard: The standard bike model is for anyone and everyone. It mostly would be “one-size-that-fits-all” type of model, these bikes are still offered in a range of sizes, horsepower levels, styles and other technical intricacies.
- Dual Sport: These types of bikes are popular with those who owned dirt bikes when they were younger. They have a tendency to to be light, but rough and tough. This makes them well-suited for a variety of terrain and topography.
- Sport bikes: These bikes are built for speed; they are lighter in weight and have visibly precise aerodynamic features. The design of the bike places the body in a more onward position. One may have to sacrifice some levels of luxury, but certainly never giving up any element of thrill.
- Cruisers: These bikes are made for comfortable long distance rides and not speed. For this reason, the overall design is a low seat with higher handlebars. The design of such motorcycles creates a more relaxed riding experience.
  • Set a budget.
This is one of the most significant stages when making any new procurement. Motorcycles differ in price. When determining on a budget, you must account for not only the cost of the bike, but also indemnification, maintenance, and gear. Maintenance intervals will vary depending on your driving habits. Having a budget that is well planned will help you stay on top of unnecessary incidentals and ensure that your ride runs smoothly for many more years to come.
  • Decide on New vs. Used.
A collective question that any first-time motorcycle shopper has is, if they should buy new or used. One of the major advantages of shopping a new motorcycle is its inclusive condition. With new bikes, you certain to get new features and technology. You do not need to be apprehended about any cosmetic reparations. When buying the used ones, you get the advantage of buying your dream bike at a lower cost. When making this decision, it is important to keep in mind your budget. If a used bike requires a lot of maintenance, you must add this into the purchase price.
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We separated the motorcycle genre into eight general categories (most have several sub-niches as well), to support you discern which best fits you. This area we have covered in my previous blog. Then, learn about rider training and attain the right gear. If you have a question, leave it in the comments and we will get back to you.


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