2019 Indian FTR 1200 S Motorcycle -A Review

Posted by: Jim Koorampoikayil

2019 Indian FTR 1200 S Motorcycle Review 

We have constantly identified the brand ‘Indian’ Motorcycles for its design of masculine, chrome laden cruisers which are quite contented mile-munching machines. But this time around, Indian decided to shift its attention on creating a new array of motorcycles with the commitment of them being sporty and fun. And the first step towards this new direction is the Indian FTR 1200. It’s delightfully unique from any other ‘Indian’ motorcycle models. One look at it and you discern it is a motorcycle for the perfectionist. It’s one of the most widely anticipated American motorcycles in decades. The FTR 1200 S has been grabbing attention and igniting imaginations ever since it was first announced in the summer of 2018. Captivating from its flat track beginnings, the 1200 S is a performance machine that embraces an old-school rambunctiousness while incorporating a plethora of modern-day technological renovations.


Since many years Americans have clamored for an exceptional domestic motorcycle capable of performing, capable of outshining, capable of winning. A motorcycle that could bond any young blooded rider with a rebellious streak; a kind of American motorcycle that we haven’t witnessed in sales for decades; a motorcycle that’s adventurous and fun to ride. So when Indian announced FTR 1200, I wore my blogger’s hat heading myself on to a journey of profounder research. The image of the American motorcycle didn’t always invoke the imagination of a leather clad clueless lad on top of a motorcycle. Traditionally, young riders wanted to always hold on to the handle bars, throttle and head towards the flat tracks. And that’s exactly where the very idea of FTR 1200 was conceived.



And here we are, with this model of Indian that has drawn a lot of inspiration from its previous flat track models. Truly, a race machine would be miserable to ride on the streets and instead what you have is a stylish motorcycle designed to be used in a variety of different riding conditions. So we learn that it’s not a sports bike, it’s not a long haul cross-country touring bike, and certainly not an off-road dirt bike. Rather it’s a few of all those things rolled into one exclusively styled motorcycle.


A lot of functionality molded in here. For instance, you can use it as for your regular commuter, you can use it to escape the chaos of the city and get away into the countryside. However, what you would probably like the least is off-road. You can really feel that the FTR 1200 has a pretty heavy street base, you can have fun ripping around some hard pack dirt around, but anything more aggressive than that, probably you should look at the dual sports or a larger adventure bike. What comes as a surprise to most of us is this motorcycle’s remarkable touring capability with its electronic cruise control that can hold highway speed all day long, it’s got nice comfortable operate ergonomics, all you really need to add is a wind screen and some luggage to its back of it. So to all our riders and riding community, all the best with your pick; the incredible “Indian FTR 1200 S”





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